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The quest for good health has been incessantly an urge of human being for ages and in order to satisfy himself man has endeavored to explore all possible avenues in search of health. So far as the Ayurvedic science is concerned, it has been serving mankind ever since its inception dating back to the Vedic period. The specialty of this science is that it deals not only with the cure or disease but also with the maintenance of physical, mental and social health of an individual and the society as a whole.

During it’s hey day it flourished and spread across oceans. Scholars from abroad used to flock at the universities of Taxila & Nalanda. Great teachers, physicians and thinkers like Charak and Sushrut prospered. Ayurveda had reached the summit of its glory.

The foundation of the science of Ayurveda rests on the inherent spirituality of man. Charak, an expounder of the Ayurvedic system, ahs stated that a study of human constitution and an understanding of the etiology of physical and mental disease are not possible through a purely empirical endeavor, completely divorced from its met empirical moorings.

Ayurveda has laid a great emphasis for taking man's psychosomatic constitutions as a whole in solving various problems of health & disease. Ancient authors of Ayurveda have given a great importance to personal hygienic methods & others related measures to keep themselves in sound health throughout life. They have described three types of psychosomatic constitutions as Vatik, Paittik & Kaphaja and three types of psychic personalities as sattvik, rajasik & tamasik.

By assessing these somatic and psychic constitutions in each person, one prescribes the way of life including diet, exercise, sleep etc. During illness also the management is individualized depending upon ones physical & Psychic constitution. Such an individual approach to treatment is completely lacking in modern medicine.

Here one should also remember that it is not necessary to individualize the treatment in acute infectious diseases since in such situation the clinical manifesting & management mostly remain the same in all the cases. On the other hand as mentioned in The Ayurvedic texts in most of the psychosomatic disorders there are always varied manifestations and hence the treatment will have to be individualized to get prompt recovery.

Ayurveda has many unique methods of treatment with herbal remedies, Mineral preparations, Panchkarma (i.E. Purificatory therapy), Rasayan, Rejuvenative therapy, Yogic practices etc. We urge all the modern medical scients to make an earnest study of the ancient Indian medical literature by which they will be able to make a full scientific enquiry into the nature of ever inceasing psychosomatic disorders & their effective management as described in Ayurveda about 2500 years ago.

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